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Tenta is a private encrypted browser powered by a secure network & trust protocol on the Ethereum blockchain

Join Tenta! Run your own VPN node. Contribute code. Help translate. Be a part of the browser of the future.

The internet is broken

The internet is under constant threat of breaches, exploits and cyber attacks. Decentralized web 3.0 promises to solve these issues of trust and privacy, but the average user can't reach it. Until now.

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Tenta is the new browser for the new internet

True privacy with serious encryption, Tenta is a completely new class of browser.

Access today's internet securely with built-in privacy tools

Explore the new internet through native blockchain integrations

Connect to secure encrypted networks that have earned your trust

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Crypto Browsing

Secure Gateway to the Decentralized Web

Blockchain needs a killer app where user experience matters most. Tenta is the vehicle to bring today's internet users to the new decentralized web. As the new browser for the new internet, Tenta will drive mass adoption of blockchain protocols, dapps, and decentralized networks with a secure browser that's useful now, not years from now.

Integration Partners

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trust but verify

Trust Protocol For Secure Connections

Building and maintaining trust in the software and underlying networks is the key to our long term success and profitability. Tenta is making this an essential function of the company through blockchain technology. The Tenta Trust Protocol is a new governance framework that sets the gold standard of what it means to be a secure browser and encrypted network.

How it works

Providers earn tokens by providing secure networks and similar services, and spend tokens for third party verification of their software. Good behavior is incentivized through staking and reputation.

Assessors earn tokens for auditing and verifying the providers' offers and publish results on a public ledger, providing users a valuable, immutable encrypted network audit history.

Users spend tokens to access the services offered by providers that are verified secure by the blockchain.

Why this matters

The current state of secure connection auditing is slow and outdated. There is a huge opportunity to set a new gold standard.

Privacy to the people

VPN Node Mass Adoption

The future of browsing is private and encrypted. Tenta will harness the power of the people for a free and open internet. In Tenta, every active user can be a VPN node operator, helping shield themselves and others against eavesdroppers and censors. Have your own dedicated VPN node in Tenta and share your bandwidth with friends and family. Or run your own self-hosted VPN node on your desktop, Raspberry Pi 3 or ODROID and earn money.

Friends and Family

One tap set up
+$5 (10 tokens) for 100 GB
Share your bandwidth with your circle
Hosted by Tenta

Self Hosted

Three step set up
Sell your bandwidth to others
Set your own price and earn money
Advanced customization options

People Love Tenta

The key to our success is our focus on creating amazing user experiences. Our business model is aligned with customer concerns of online privacy and security, and it shows. In the last 12 months, we've experienced exciting growth, usage and retention.

Installed by 750K+ devices worldwide

60% of our traffic converts to users

400% VPN usage growth in six months

4 utility patents pending

In the press

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Privacy Matters

Rebuilding a Better Internet

Tenta is on a mission to make private browsing fast and ubiquitous. If you're building privacy-first solutions, we want to hear from you. Together let's rebuild the internet into a place that values, not exploits, its digital citizens.

Meet the team

We’re serial entrepreneurs that believe in building a better future through technology. The strength of our team is in our strong engineering culture tempered by a deep understanding of customer experience.

Jesse Adams

Jennifer McEwen

Christopher O'Connell

Reka Imre
Mobile Engineering Lead

Tufan Yildirim
Backend Engineering Lead

Ridvan Karatas
DevOps, Marketing

Barna Csukas

Nick Alston
Engineer, Marketing

Otto Imre
Systems Engineer

Miklos Gabor

Botond Barok

Judit Nagy

Savas Yildirim

Nicole Lee
Customer Love, Community