Seven Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN

VPNs create a secure connection between you and the server, making an encrypted tunnel that data flows through. A VPN can protect you from cyber criminals, the government, or anyone else who is trying to get a glimpse at your internet activity.

Facebook voluntarily moves privacy-violating VPN from Google Play

Following its removal from the Apple Store, Facebook has voluntarily taken the controversial Onavo app off of Android.

How To Keep Your University From Tracking You

College students, your university is tracking you both online and off. Here’s how to block them.

Incognito mode doesn’t keep porn private

People enjoying adult entertainment might think their activity is hidden in private browsing — but it’s not.

Many popular apps are recording your every move

A recent investigation found that a series of popular apps are recording every move their customers make.

Mimic VPN mimics a regular site - but why does that matter?

The new Tenta VPN, Mimic, looks like a regular site to snoopers. Here’s why that’s important.

What are DNS leaks?

Even people who use VPNs are sometimes exposed by DNS leaks. So what can you do about it?

Further data troves, plus identity of criminals, revealed in Collection #1 breach

A security firm believes they’ve identified the crew behind the Collection #1 data breach, as well as six more packages.

Facebook and Google abuse Apple program and Apple smacks back

Facebook and Google took advantage of a Apple program to collect data on users without Apple’s knowledge.

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