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Your Web Camera Might be Hacked

That little dot on your computer might be hiding someone spying on you. Here's how you can protect yourself against webcam spies.

Google to Help Ban 'Toxic' Content in Vietnam

Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt met with Vietnam PM Friday to discuss compliance efforts.

How to Stay Productive When You're Traveling and Have Crappy Internet

Trying to work in a place with terrible internet is rough. Follow these expert tips to make sure your productivity doesn’t suffer when your connectivity does.

What is WannaCry and How to Protect Yourself

A ransomware attack called WannaCry took over computers and systems in over 150 countries. Microsoft claims that the tool used to exploit a vulnerability in their software was developed by the NSA — and then stolen by cyber criminals.

5 Tips For Staying Safe Online

Freaked out about the latest Google phishing scam? Unfortunately, it's just one of many ways you may be vulnerable online. Here are five ways you can make yourself more cyber aware and safe online.

How to Remove Geotags From iPhone, Android, Windows, and iOs

Your phone might be geotagging your images without your knowledge — and anyone can access that information. Here's how to remove those geotags and make sure you don't make any new ones.

The FCC Proposed Gutting Net Neutrality

The new FCC Chairman is out to get net neutrality. Here's what he's proposing — and what you can do about it.

Turkey Just Banned Wikipedia

Turkey has blocked all access to Wikipedia, the online user-generated encyclopedia. Apart from citing concerns of national security, the country has not given an official reason for blocking the website.

Crack in Browser Security Made Users Vulnerable to Identical Domain Phishing Attacks

On April 14, it was revealed that Chrome and Firefox users were vulnerable to phishing attacks using domains that appeared identical to legitimate, secured sites. Here's what happened, how to identify this type of attack, and what you can do to protect yourself.

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