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Department of Homeland Security Changes Laptop Rules for 10 Airports

The US Department of Homeland Security has announced a new rule that requires passengers put their laptops in checked baggage instead of carry-on.

States and Senators Respond to Rollback of Internet Privacy Bill

On April 3, 2017, a resolution was signed that privacy advocates felt was a fatal blow to internet privacy rights. Here's how your elected officials are reacting.

Cyber Security Firm Hit by W-2 Phishing Scam

Defense Point Security — which handles cyber security for parts of the federal government — has been hit with a W-2 phishing scam, putting employees at risk for fraud.

VPNs Alone Won't Protect Your Privacy

A bill was signed into law this week blocking the Broadband Privacy Rules, bringing us one step closer to ISPs collecting personal data without permission. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Bill Overturning Internet Privacy Rules Signed Into Law

On April 3rd, Senate Joint Resolution 34 was signed into law, nullifying previous privacy rules that required ISPs to obtain user permission before using or selling their consumers' Internet usage data.

New FCC Chair Blocks Internet Privacy Rules

The new Broadband Privacy Rules were supposed to go into effect on March 2 — but they didn't. Here's what the new FCC chair is doing.

W-2 Phishing Scam Is 'Most Dangerous' FBI Has Seen

It's tax season and there's a new phishing scam in town. Learn about the scam that the FBI has deemed one of the 'most dangerous' they've ever seen — and how you can protect your company from becoming a victim.

What's The Most Common Type of Cyberattack?

One type of cyberattack on organizations saw an increase of 16 percent last year, beating out every other type of attack by nearly double. Here’s what it is — and how you can protect yourself.

Digits or Digits? How to Secure Your Phone

Moscow District Court ruling blocks professional networking site due to server compliance discrepancies. The order cites a Russian bill passed back in 2014 that calls for personal data belonging to citizens to be stored on Russian servers.

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