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internet freedom

Internet Freedom Wanes Worldwide as Governments Target Messaging Apps and Social Media

A new report from Freedom on the Net reveals that freedom on the internet is declining worldwide, with governments attacking messaging apps and social media during political and social unrest. This is the sixth year in a row that the global level of internet access has declined.

firefox focus

Our Thoughts On Firefox's New Private Browser, and Where Focus Falls Short

Firefox Focus provides free, automatic private browsing to iOS users. But when it comes to true private browsing, the new browser loses focus on what matters most. Here are our thoughts on how Focus can take private browsing to the next level.

whatsapp privacy

WhatsApp Ordered to Stop Sharing User Data in UK

Here's what you need to know about WhatsApp's updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and how to stay in control of your data sharing settings.

isp surveillance

New FCC Ruling Protects Users Sensitive Information from ISPs

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopts new broadband consumer privacy rules that require ISPs to obtain consent from users before using or selling their sensitive information. But is it enough?

ddos attack

How to Surf the Web During a DDoS Attack

Cyber attacks can send the internet into an upheaval. But it doesn't have to affect you.

twitter in turkey

Turkey Blocks Access To Social Media, Popular Messaging Services, Amidst Social Unrest

Turkish internet monitoring site Turkey Blocks reports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and popular messaging apps WhatsApp, Skype, and Instagram have been blocked or restricted in the country.

travel tips

Why a VPN is Essential for Travel

Before you set off on your international travels, make sure you have all the tools you need to stay connected to the internet securely and privately.

tenta on behance

Tenta Browser Showcase on

Check out our UI/UX design presentation on, showcasing Tenta's private browsing features and navigation.

why use a vpn

6 Types Of Blocked And Filtered Sites You Can Access With A VPN

Whether you're traveling, a student, or work remotely, VPNs play a key role in enhancing your productivity online. Here are six types of filtered sites you can unblock and access on the go with a VPN.

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