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How to Wean Yourself Off Facebook

Facebook's privacy breaches keep piling up. Here's how to wean yourself off of the social network.

Ranking of Popular Travel Sites Finds Vast Majority Have Insecure Password Practices

Password manager Dashlane analyzed the password practices of 55 popular travel sites and found that 89% had insecure practices.

The Legitimate Reason an App Might Need Your Phone Number

Some apps are collecting and selling your personal information. But there’s one very good reason why they might need your number — and it’s not nefarious at all.

Tax Return Scams Expected To Increase Over Last Year

Phishing scams targeting both organizations and individuals are on the rise. Here’s what to look out for.

Your Blockchain and Crypto Resource Guide

The new world of blockchain can feel so vast and overwhelming, it's hard to know what to do first. We've compiled a five-step resource guide to help you get started in crypto.

People Don't Know What Data Their Cars Are Collecting

Connected cars are becoming increasingly common. But do you know what information you car is collecting about you?

What Is Blockchain Used For?

There are many ways Blockchain technology can be used to transform a plethora of industries and systems - such as its most well known application, cryptocurrency.

Two Options for Two-Factor Authentication

When it comes to 2FA, not all options are created equal. Learn the difference between SMS and authenticator apps in order to choose the ones that’s best for you.

Why VPNs Are Important For Android

Android devices are particularly prone to attack in one major way. Here’s how a VPN can protect you.

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