HTTPS Everywhere Now Available in Tenta Browser

Tenta’s latest release just dropped on Google Play – now with HTTPS Everywhere. The new feature is fully integrated and turned on by default, adding an extra layer of protection to your communications on major websites.

Co-created by The Tor Project and the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), HTTPS Everywhere adds top of the line encryption to your online communications. Major browsers require users to install HTTPS Everywhere as an extension, but Tenta Browser instead integrates the tool directly into the browser for a faster, more private experience.

HTTPS Everywhere was created in response to the often shoddy attempts at encryption offered by major websites. EFF and Tor found that despite many of these sites claiming to offer encryption, their services by and large failed, defaulting instead to HTTP even on HTTPS supported websites. HTTPS Everywhere rewrites those requests on all sites that support HTTPS – overriding any automated scripts that may or may not encrypt your connection.

Why is encryption important?

Online communications (here referring to the messages relayed between your computer, your ISP, and the website you’re visiting) carry with them personal identifying details that you probably don’t want available to just anyone – your location, the device you’re accessing the web from, and more. But when your online communications aren’t encrypted, they’re out in the open.

What happens to that information? Typically, traffic logs are created, recording time spent on various parts of any one site, actions taken (items clicked on, pages you’ve viewed), and additional activity that helps generate a larger behavioral pattern of your online activity. Who cares about this stuff? People who sell you advertisements and regulate what content you see here and elsewhere on the internet – and of course, the people who sell those advertisers your information.

This is precisely what we’re referring to when we say that we protect your data instead of selling it – which is why we’ve teamed up with HTTPS Everywhere to offer even more advanced online privacy. In our mission to redefine the role browsers play in protecting user privacy, we're excited to work with the EFF by adding built-in support for these community-driven projects in Tenta Browser.

We're glad that Tenta has incorporated HTTPS Everywhere into its browser. Users deserve the most secure connection available when browsing the web--HTTPS Everywhere makes that possible.

- Bill Budington, Lead HTTPS Everywhere Developer

Once you update or download Tenta Browser on Google Play, HTTPS Everywhere will be turned on by default – so you don’t need to do anything extra to make sure your connections are encrypted and secure.

What is EFF?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, co-creator of HTTPS Everywhere, is a non profit founded in 1990 dedicated to advocating for online privacy and security. Their campaigns target policies and legislation encroaching upon the integrity of the free and open web, in addition to monitoring elected and appointed officials with corporate agendas that threaten internet customers’ rights and freedoms.

One of their biggest political targets is Ajit Pai, Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission. Since taking office, Pai has introduced various pieces of major legislation that side with telecommunications companies such as Verizon and Comcast instead of consumers. EFF has spent the better part of this year fighting back as Pai seeks to strip the web of net neutrality protections.

You can donate to the EFF and support their work defending privacy and free speech.

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