A Special “Thank You” on This Thanksgiving Day

Team Tenta started with a dream: To build the world’s best mobile browser when it comes to true privacy and security. A browsing experience reimagined. Built from the ground up, and filled with a wishlist of tools to help you stay safe online.

That dream became Tenta Browser. And since its beginning, we’ve witnessed an incredible response. Over a million downloads, 18,000 reviews, a community of 22,000 beta testers, and thousands upon thousands of thank you messages, detailing just how much Tenta has meant to so many.

Today as we gather around the table with our families, to celebrate one of America’s most important holidays, we would like to extend an expression of gratitude to our users around the world.

Thank you for believing in our dream. Thank you for choosing Tenta Browser. And thank you especially for the many suggestions, kind words, and impactful messages you’ve sent our way.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Team Tenta

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About Tenta

Tenta is a next generation browser designed for privacy and security. Built-in true VPN, full data encryption, video downloader, secure medai vault, HTTPS Everywhere, Tenta DNS, and more.

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