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Troubleshooting slow speeds

VPNs tunnel your data through encrypted servers. As such, you should expect a slight dip in speed when connected to a VPN. If you're experiencing a major lull or a sudden decrease in speed, try these steps to speed it back up.

  1. Connect to a different, closer VPN server.
  2. Try a local connection, but be aware that a local connection is not encrypted.
  3. If you have another VPN service on your device, it might be interferring with your Tenta connection. Try disabling or uninstalling other VPN services.
  4. Try switch networks, either from Wi-Fi to data (and vice versa), or between different Wi-Fi networks.

That said, some users have reported speed issues with Tenta Browser, and we're working on improving browsing speeds over VPN. We thank you for your support while we iron this out!