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Trouble with my PIN

We're sorry you're having issues with your PIN. To narrow down the issue, please let us know if you're having trouble changing your PIN or unlocking Tenta with your PIN. The more information you're comfortable sharing with us, the better.

Changing PIN

To change your PIN, open Tenta Browser, go to Tenta Settings, and tap ‘Change PIN Code’. You will be asked to enter your current PIN to proceeed. Once you’ve entered your current PIN code, you will be able to set a new PIN.

Forgot PIN?

Only you have access to your PIN. Tenta does not store your PIN on any servers, so we cannot access your account if you lose it. This means there is no way for us to recover a lost PIN.

To continue using Tenta Browser, you can install a new copy and set a new PIN.

Other issues

To help us troubleshoot other issues with your PIN, please contact us with your device model, Android version, and Tenta version, whether or not you're using a custom ROM, and, if you are, the name of that ROM.

If you're experiencing a crash, a crash log would help us investigate further. We recommend using this app to generate a log. After installing and opening this app, open Tenta and perform any actions that is causing the problem then reopen MX Log Collector to generate and email us a log.

Or if you have experience with ADB tools, a logcat would help the most. If you have it installed, open your terminal and run adb logcat >>> somefile.log. Do the PIN check while that runs then copy and paste the file into email. You can send the log to [email protected].

Thank you for all your help!