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There are plenty of reasons you might want to keep your browsing history private, ranging from dislike of the fact that the government and corporations seems to be more and more up in our business than ever these days to a preference for certain sites that you’d prefer others didn’t stumble across to the very real fear that someone might steal your personal info and empty your bank account. But whatever your reason, keeping your browsing history private can sometimes seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth.

That’s why we created Tenta — your browsing history really isn’t anyone’s business but your own and protecting it should be as easy as opening your browser. All it really takes is three steps to ensure totally private browsing, free from prying eyes of every kind.

Step 1: Download Tenta from Google Play

That’s easy enough, right? Just head over to Google Play and download Tenta for your browser or for your Android phone.

Step 2: Set Your Secure PIN

As soon as you have Tenta installed, set your secure PIN code and your browsing history will be protected and encrypted from here on out. We don't store your PIN code on any of our servers, so that means no one else, not even Tenta, can unlock your browser.

Step 3: Start Browsing

Once your Tenta is set up, you can choose to access the internet via your local connection or through one of the Tenta VPN access points. Browsing from your local connection doesn't hide your IP address, but since Tenta is locked behind the PIN code only you know, you're still protecting yourself from physical snoops. For more security, change your server location to one of our VPN locations to hide your true IP address and data from hackers, trackers, and ISPs.

Bonus Step 4: Set Up Zones

Use our Zones to group your favorite sites by VPN connection, type, rules - the sky's the limit.

Your Zones can be saved by server location — like “Seattle,” for example — or they can be groups based on site type — like “fitness sites” or “social media.” If you want to group your favorite international sites in a Zone, you can choose to access the internet from servers in that area. Or if you want to save your favorite social media sites together, the location of the connection might not be as important to you but it helps to keep them all in one Zone for quick access.

Tenta also let you make a unique set rules for each type of Zone. If you’re connecting through a local connection, you’re not connecting with a VPN — which means your browsing history is potentially exposed. However, if you’ve set up a Zone, then you can instruct it not to save your browsing history, regardless of where you’re connecting.

Finally, Tenta Zones have the ability to choose which search engine you want to use. Some search engines track you and while you might be fine with that for certain searches, there are others you probably want to keep private. Tenta Zones give you back that control.

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