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Senate Asks FTC To Investigate Smart TV Privacy Concerns

Two Senators have formally requested that the Federal Trade Commission look into privacy concerns regarding smart TVs.

YouTube's New Incognito Mode Isn't Very Incognito

Google just rolled out YouTube Incognito. The problem is, it doesn't provide much privacy.

Google and Apple Questioned By The House About Privacy Issues

The US House has sent letters to the CEOs of Google and Apple regarding tracking on their devices and other user privacy issues.

Uganda Imposes Social Media Tax, Talks of Banning VPNs

In a move that is both exploitative and restrictive, the Ugandan government has imposed a social media tax and is threatening to ban VPNs.

Google Is Letting Third Party Apps Read Your Emails

Although Google has promised to stop scanning user emails for data, a recent report reveals that they're still giving access to third-party apps.

California Passes Sweeping Privacy Law

California just passed a privacy law that would give users control over what personal information companies collect and what they do with it.