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Forget Those Annoying Password Rules Says The Man Who Invented Them

15 August 2017

The man who created our rules about online passwords says he “regrets” his advice. Here are the new rules for secure passwords.

Russia Bans Access to VPN Sites

10 August 2017

Putin’s Russia has announced a new ban that would make it difficult for Russian citizens to access VPN services.

Australian Government Wants Access to Encrypted Data

1 August 2017

The Prime Minister of Australia announced that his government is going to enact a series of laws that would give them access to encrypted data. The question is - How?

White House Offers Support for Overturning Net Neutrality

27 July 2017

The White House has released an official statement about net neutrality.

What is Spear Phishing?

24 July 2017

Earlier this year, the Justice Department reported that the massive Yahoo data breach happened because the cyber criminals used spear phishing. But what is spear phishing? And how can you protect yourself?

Busting the Myth of "Security by Obscurity"

20 July 2017

A recent study found that even small sites are being attacked as often as eight times per day.