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Tenta Launches Open Source Browser Privacy Test Tool

15 June 2017

Learn how ISPs, corporations and governments track you. Our free Browser Privacy Test progressive web app checks how much personally identifying data your browser is leaking.

Stay Connected in Countries that Censor the Internet

14 June 2017

You’re headed to a country that restricts internet access. Now what?

Your Web Camera Might be Hacked

2 June 2017

That little dot on your computer might be hiding someone spying on you. Here’s how you can protect yourself against webcam spies.

Google to Help Ban "Toxic" Content in Vietnam

1 June 2017

Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt met with Vietnam PM Friday to discuss compliance efforts.

How to Stay Productive When You're Traveling and Have Crappy Internet

23 May 2017

Trying to work in a place with terrible internet is rough. Follow these expert tips to make sure your productivity doesn’t suffer when your connectivity does.

What is WannaCry and How to Protect Yourself

16 May 2017

A ransomware attack called WannaCry took over computers and systems in over 150 countries. Microsoft claims that the tool used to exploit a vulnerability in their software was developed by the NSA — and then stolen by cyber criminals.