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Major Security Flaw Affecting All Wi-Fi Connections Revealed

18 October 2017

Researchers have uncovered a major flaw in WPA2 encryption that could make every wifi connection vulnerable to attack.

Digital Activists Report Intensive Spear Phishing Campaign

9 October 2017

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released a detailed report outlining an extensive spear phishing campaign against digital activists.

Chinese Government Effectively Blocks WhatsApp

2 October 2017

In the run up to the Communist Party gathering next month, the Chinese government has effectively blocked access to the popular messaging app WhatsApp.

Verizon Kicks Thousands of Customers Off of Network, Proving Wireless is Not Enough

26 September 2017

The FCC is trying to redefine acceptable internet access, but a recent move by Verizon proves that wireless is not equivalent to broadband.

Redefining 'Broadband' Could Leave Rural Americans Without Reliable Internet

21 September 2017

The FCC is trying to change the definition of 'broadband access' so that they don’t have to provide broadband access. Here’s what they’re doing — and what you can do about it.

How to Protect Yourself After the Equifax Hack

12 September 2017

Cyber criminals stole personal identity information about 143 million Americans. Here’s how to protect yourself from identity theft in the wake of this massive security breach.