Department of Homeland Security Changes Laptop Rules for 10 Airports

17 April 2017

The US Department of Homeland Security has announced a new rule that requires passengers put their laptops in checked baggage instead of carry-on.

States and Senators Respond to Rollback of Internet Privacy Bill

13 April 2017

On April 3, 2017, a resolution was signed that privacy advocates felt was a fatal blow to internet privacy rights. Here’s how your elected officials are reacting.

Cyber Security Firm Hit by W-2 Phishing Scam

8 April 2017

Defense Point Security — which handles cyber security for parts of the federal government — has been hit with a W-2 phishing scam, putting employees at risk for fraud.

VPNs Alone Won't Protect Your Privacy

6 April 2017

A bill was signed into law this week blocking the Broadband Privacy Rules, bringing us one step closer to ISPs collecting personal data without permission. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Bill Overturning Internet Privacy Rules Signed Into Law

4 April 2017

On April 3rd, Senate Joint Resolution 34 was signed into law, nullifying previous privacy rules that required ISPs to obtain user permission before using or selling their consumers' Internet usage data.

New FCC Chair Blocks Internet Privacy Rules

20 March 2017

The new Broadband Privacy Rules were supposed to go into effect on March 2 — but they didn’t. Here’s what the new FCC chair is doing.

W-2 Phishing Scam Is “Most Dangerous” FBI Has Seen

28 February 2017

It’s tax season and there’s a new phishing scam in town. Learn about the scam that the FBI has deemed one of the “most dangerous” they’ve ever seen — and how you can protect your company from becoming a victim.

What's The Most Common Type of Cyberattack?

21 February 2017

One type of cyberattack on organizations saw an increase of 16 percent last year, beating out every other type of attack by nearly double. Here’s what it is — and how you can protect yourself.

Digits or Digits? How to Secure Your Phone

6 February 2017

Moscow District Court ruling blocks professional networking site due to server compliance discrepancies. The order cites a Russian bill passed back in 2014 that calls for personal data belonging to citizens to be stored on Russian servers.


US Intelligence Agencies Gain Access to NSA Data

21 January 2017

One of Obama’s last Executive Orders leaves data susceptible to retention by US Intelligence Agencies.


Avoid Phishy Activity Online

20 January 2017

New phishing techniques target Gmail users. Here's how to spot them before you become a victim.

email privacy act

Help Us Take Private Browsing to the Next Level - Become a Beta Tester

19 January 2017

Private browsing mode isn't as private as it should be. We think we can make it better but we need your help. Join Tenta's opt-in beta program on Google Play and help us test our latest privacy features, such as Device Wide VPN and Tenta Secure DNS.

email privacy act

Update to Communications Law from 1986 Reintroduced to the House

18 January 2017

Under current law (which was passed in 1986), the government can access your cloud storage without a warrant. Scary — but a bill named the Email Privacy Act recently reintroduced in the House is trying to change that.

signal encrypted messaging app

Egypt Blocks Encrypted Messaging App, Signal

6 January 2017

Following a trend of increased internet censorship in the Middle East, the Egyptian government blocked the secure messaging app Signal at the end of last year.

protect your smartphone

8 Best Ways to Protect Your Smartphone

3 January 2017

Take a second to think about just how important — and personal — the data on your phone is. Now ask yourself, Am I protecting it properly? If you’re even a little bit unsure, follow these eight tips for protecting your smartphone.

built in VPN

Protect Your Entire Device with Tenta's Device Wide Built In VPN

27 December 2016

We've expanded Tenta Browser's built in VPN to provide even more protection. Opt-in beta testers can now use Device Wide VPN and Per Zone VPN free for a limited time.

private browsing

Websites Know More About You Than You Think

19 December 2016

You might know that websites are tracking the sites you're using, but did you know they're also tracking your exact location? That's just the start, though, because the websites you're visiting know much more about you than you think.


How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware

9 December 2016

The concept of holding someone for ransom is a familiar part of our cultural lexicon at this point. We’ve all seen the movies — someone gets kidnapped, the kidnappers call with a demand, the hero raises to rescue the victim before it’s too late. But these days, a more realistic storyline would be not about holding a person for ransom but instead about holding someone’s data for ransom. It's called ransomware, and here's how to protect yourself from it.

Snooper's Charter

Snooper's Charter Receives Royal Assent

3 December 2016

The Investigatory Powers Bill, commonly referred to as the Snooper's Charter, became an act on December 3, 2016, despite being heavily petitioned by UK citizens concerned about increased online surveillance.

most common passwords

The Most Commonly Used Passwords - and How to Protect Yourself

3 December 2016

Earlier this year, SplashData released its list of the most common passwords used in 2015. Hopefully, you don't find yours on this list, but if you do, read on for tips on how to generate a secure password.

snooper's charter

Snooper's Charter Threatens Online Privacy the UK

30 November 2016

The Investigatory Powers Bill aims to track your online activity. Commonly referred to as the Snooper's Charter, the bill is currently awaiting royal assent before becoming an act.

online shopping

Tips for Safe and Secure Online Shopping

26 November 2016

Online shopping is convenient way to get the best deals without having brave the crowds. If you like to shop online, here are our tips on how to keep secure and safe.

online privacy

Why Online Privacy is Important Regardless of Who is President

23 November 2016

Online security companies have seen an uptick in signups since the election earlier this month. But as Edward Snowden pointed out in a recent interview, online privacy should be a priority regardless of who sits in the White House. Here are some concrete steps you can take.

linkedin russia

Russia Bans LinkedIn, More Sites Likely to Follow

21 November 2016

Moscow District Court ruling blocks professional networking site due to server compliance discrepancies. The order cites a Russian bill passed back in 2014 that calls for personal data belonging to citizens to be stored on Russian servers.

firefox focus

Our Thoughts On Firefox's New Private Browser, and Where Focus Falls Short

18 November 2016

Firefox Focus provides free, automatic private browsing to iOS users. But when it comes to true private browsing, the new browser loses focus on what matters most. Here are our thoughts on how Focus can take private browsing to the next level.

internet freedom

Internet Freedom Wanes Worldwide as Governments Target Messaging Apps and Social Media

18 November 2016

A new report from Freedom on the Net reveals that freedom on the internet is declining worldwide, with governments attacking messaging apps and social media during political and social unrest. This is the sixth year in a row that the global level of internet access has declined.

whatsapp privacy

WhatsApp Ordered to Stop Sharing User Data in UK

17 November 2016

Here's what you need to know about WhatsApp's updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and how to stay in control of your data sharing settings.

isp surveillance

New FCC Ruling Protects Users Sensitive Information from ISPs

15 November 2016

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopts new broadband consumer privacy rules that require ISPs to obtain consent from users before using or selling their sensitive information. But is it enough?

ddos attack

How to Surf the Web During a DDoS Attack

11 November 2016

Cyber attacks can send the internet into an upheaval. But it doesn't have to affect you.

twitter in turkey

Turkey Blocks Access To Social Media, Popular Messaging Services, Amidst Social Unrest

4 November 2016

Turkish internet monitoring site Turkey Blocks reports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and popular messaging apps WhatsApp, Skype, and Instagram have been blocked or restricted in the country.

travel tips

Why a VPN is Essential for Travel

3 November 2016

Before you set off on your international travels, make sure you have all the tools you need to stay connected to the internet securely and privately.

tenta on behance

Tenta Browser Showcase on

31 October 2016

Check out our UI/UX design presentation on, showcasing Tenta's private browsing features and navigation.

why use a vpn

6 Types Of Blocked And Filtered Sites You Can Access With A VPN

28 October 2016

Whether you're traveling, a student, or work remotely, VPNs play a key role in enhancing your productivity online. Here are six types of filtered sites you can unblock and access on the go with a VPN.

tenta zones

How to Use Zones

15 October 2016

Group your favorite websites by VPN location. Tenta's Zones are our proprietary method of grouping your tabs by server location. Have one Zone of tabs securely connected to Amsterdam, while another is connected to Miami. Or Seattle.

private browser

Keep Your Private Browsing Private

12 October 2016

There are plenty of reasons you might want to keep your browsing history private. Whatever your reason, keeping your browsing history private can sometimes seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth. But it doesn't have to. Let Tenta help.

turkey social media

Turkey Bans Cloud Storage

10 October 2016

Turkey blocks access to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Github after emails belonging to a senior cabinet minister were leaked. Here's how to get it back.

incognito mode

You're Not as Private as You Think

8 October 2016

If you use incognito mode and value your privacy online, you might be suprised to learn that private browsing mode doesn't actually make you invisible. Learn how to protect yourself against hackers, trackers, and ISPs.

public wifi risk

Public Wi-Fi is Putting You at Risk

6 October 2016

Who doesn't love free? Public Wi-Fi may seem tempting when you're out and about and running low on data, but it comes with many risks. When it comes to free public Wi-Fi, you get what you pay for, and that price might be your security.

internet dictionary

Internet Security Dictionary

5 October 2016

Anyone trying to educate themselves about online safety will pretty much immediately find themselves tripping over terms they’ve never encountered before, which can make the whole process really difficult. So we decided to put together a quick list of some of the most common — and most confusing — ones you might encounter.

incognito mode

How Private are Private Browsers?

1 October 2016

Private browsing mode is a staple for anyone concerned with maintaining their privacy online. But just how private are they? Turns out, not very private.

what is dns

What is DNS and Why is it Important?

28 September 2016

Domain Name System (DNS) is the phone book of the internet and plays a crucial roles in making sure it runs smoothly. Find out how DNS works and how to use third-party options for added security.