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Happy Holidays from Tenta, Your Private, Encrypted Browser!

Let Tenta protect your browsing data so you can focus on what really matters this Christmas.

A Special “Thank You” on This Thanksgiving Day

As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, one of America’s most important holidays, we extend an expression of gratitude to every Tenta Browser user around the world.

Millions of Patient Medical Records Left Unsecured

An investigation from ProPublica has found that many medical institutions are not securing personal patient medical records.

Update LastPass Right Now

LastPass just pushed a security update that means all users need to make sure they’re running the latest version.

Is Your Printer Leaving You Open to Cyber Attack?

A high percentage of companies aren’t securing their printers and Wi-Fi connected devices

What is SIM Swapping?

Twitter’s founder was recently hit with a SIM swap. Here’s everything you need to know about this type of cyber crime.

YouTube Hit With Biggest Fine in FTC History

The FTC and New York Attorney General have levied a $170 million fine against YouTube for violating the privacy of children.

How to Get Rid of Google Calendar Spam

Here’s how to eradicate all of that Google Calendar spam.

Texas Municipalities Hit By Mass Ransomware Attacks

Twenty-two Texas municipalities — including large and small — were recently crippled by ransomware attacks.

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