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Announcing Our Integration Partnership with RightMesh

Tenta is joining RightMesh, the “Infrastructure-less” connectivity company developing a decentralized mobile mesh network, in their mission to get more people online.

Announcing Our Decentralized VPN Network and Trust Protocol For Secure Connections

Tenta is poised to set the gold standard of what it means to be a secure browser and encrypted network.

Browsing Decentralized .bit Domains With Tenta

Online destinations ending in .bit are top level domains not indexable by major DNS servers, existing outside the scope of central web authorities’ control. Tenta Browser supports censorship-resistant .bit domains without requiring additional extensions.

Tenta Adds More VPN Locations For Faster Private Browsing Around The Globe

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added more VPN locations in Tenta! You can now use Tenta Browser’s built-in VPN to privately connect to three new cities around the world: Delhi in India, London in the UK, and São Paulo in Brazil.

Check Out Tenta's New Online Security Podcast

Every week, the Tenta podcast tackles privacy news from around the world, emerging and interesting tech, and privacy tips.

Enable Private DNS on Android Pie with Tenta DNS

It's time to take a bite out of Android Pie! Here's how to make use of Android's Private DNS Mode with Tenta DNS over TLS.