The browser that doesn't sell you out

Tenta is a private & encrypted browser that protects your digital identity instead of selling it


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Automatic Privacy

Full data encryption on by default for true private browsing

Built-In VPN

Unblock the internet with free unlimited VPN protection

Crypto Friendly

Access blockchain protocols, such as decentralized DNS

Ad Blocker

Block intrusive ads and trackers for a faster, safer internet

Video Downloader

Download and encrypt videos and play with our built-in media players

Secure Tools

VPN, DNS over TLS, HTTPS Everywhere, PIN lock and more

The Ultimate Private Crypto Browser

More built-in privacy tools than any other mobile browser

Block Ads Block Ads

Load sites faster by blocking creepy intrusive ads and trackers that follow you around the internet.

Blockchain Support Blockchain Support

Supports the new internet of native dapps, decentralized networks and blockchain protocols.

Private Search Private Search

Choose your default search engine, including privacy-first search engines DuckDuckGo and StartPage.


Unlimited VPN Unlimited VPN

Free unlimited VPN while browsing. Upgrade to Tenta Pro to extend VPN protection to your entire device.

Secure DNS over TLS Secure DNS over TLS

Multiple DNS options, including DNS over TLS and DNSSEC. Also supports decentralized DNS.

No Logs Kept No Logs Kept

Tenta does not log traffic. We do not store your data or the content of any communications on our servers.

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Customize For Your Browsing Needs

Use Modes to group your tabs by VPN location and custom settings, giving you unparalleled control over your browsing sessions. Have one Mode for your work tabs and another for regular browsing.

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Encrypted Media Vault

Download, encrypt and enjoy your favorite videos, music, pictures and more. No prying eyes!

Tenta's built-in video downloader supports features such as multiple simultaneous downloads and pause-and-resume.

See How Tenta Stacks Up

Private browsing that's actually private

smart incognito

Tenta VPN Browser

  • Delete browser history
  • Anonymous browsing by default
  • Supports decentralized Web 3.0
  • Your data is never sold
  • Automatically blocks ads and trackers
  • No logs kept
  • Automatic VPN connection
  • Your IP Address is hidden
  • Secure DNS & no DNS leaks
  • Private bookmarks
  • Saved Tabs are locked & hidden
  • Downloaded files auto-protected
  • PIN code and fingerprint lock
  • list_group_tabs_by_vpn_location
  • Open tab data is encrypted
  • Secure DNS with DNS over TLS and DNSSEC

Encryption & Security Overview

  1. Latest TLS/SSL for data transport Layer
  2. AES-256 bit encryption for stationary browser data stored on the device, with testing of ChaCha20/256 for future storage of downloaded files. We may transition our other storage to ChaCha20/256 in the future, if we find a sufficient performance benefit.
  3. Unique user pincode not stored on any server or on the device.
  4. MimicVPN encrypts all inbound and outbound connections to the VPN location, in VPN ON mode.
  5. Service APIs: TLS 1.2 Elliptic Curve DH key exchange, AES-256 with SHA-384 authentication. 384bit EC keys.
  6. As an added security feature, we enforce authentication on Mode servers, to make sure only tenta users have access.
  7. The unique user PIN is never stored on any server or the device, rather it is used to derive the user specific encryption key, which is also not stored on any server.
  8. Tenta DNS supports both DNS over TLS and DNSSEC to keep your DNS requests private and secure.

We've Got Your Back

Learn what others think of Tenta Browser

Breathtaking idea! They don't plan to sell data - that alone is enough of a reason to rate them. A great product with built-in VPN inside the browser and encrypted services for privacy.

- Mohit

The most awesome browser in the universe. The developers should be really proud! Keep it up. ... This app beats regular browsers. Thank you so much!

- Google Play user

This is a very useful app that combines security and privacy which in my opinion is very good! This is a great app from a stand point of privacy as nothing can stand between you and the browser!

- Dexon


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