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At Tenta, our goal is to make your browsing experience as secure as possible. That’s why we’re excited to release out of beta a new privacy tool that improves a central part of how the internet works – Tenta DNS.

Tenta DNS is a modern, secure DNS alternative that supports both ICANN and OpenNIC roots, DNS over TLS and DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions). By initiating a TLS protocol when DNS data is sent from your browser, Tenta DNS closes yet another crack through which your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can spy on you. DNSSEC prevents attackers from interfering with DNS translations containing identifying details such as your IP address, and OpenNIC is an alternative DNS root that somewhat similarly, prevents DNS hijacking. Together, these utilities help power Tenta DNS – an open source project written in Golang that you can contribute to on GitHub.

Why is this important? Even if you consider yourself a savvy and safe web browser, only some of your online communications are protected – but not all. Web security tools may conceal your activity on any single website, but your ISP will still be able to see that you visited the site, even if they can’t track the actions you took while on it. Learn more about DNS and how it works.

While ISPs having access to your browsing logs may not always be concerning, you may not be okay with select people and entities having the ability to request those logs from your ISP. How about browsing the web at work? Your employer can potentially see what sites you’re visiting. Using the internet at home? Your family could ask for a list of recently visited sites. Wherever you’re accessing the web, the owner of that internet service account can gain insight into your online activity by merely calling up their service provider and asking for it.

In addition to adding a layer of privacy to your browsing experience, Tenta DNS makes it easy to access a new layer of the internet: .bit domains. Typically, one must rely on a special extension to access sites ending in .bit. But since Tenta DNS supports OpenNIC roots, that means you can visit .bit sites without utilizing a special plugin or extension. Just type the .bit address directly into the browser URL bar in Tenta and you’ll be directed to your desired destination. You can also load other decentralized domains such as .bbs, .chan, .dyn, .fur, .geek, .gopher, .indy, .libre, .neo, .null, .o, .oss, .oz, .parody and .pirate.

http://nf.bit (Namecoin Forum) loaded in Tenta Browser

Do you want to use our hosted recursive resolver on your other devices? We offer two options, using either OpenNIC root servers or the normal ICANN root servers. Check out our DNS Setup Guides on how to set up Tenta DNS on your devices.

Since our launch one year ago, we’ve been working hard to create a private, secure, and safe browsing experience – all in one browser app. We were sick of having to download extensions, install plugins, and toggle between browsers just to access the web and remain out of sight to snoopers. Tenta aims to simplify that process, and ultimately take the work out of safe browsing.

Tenta DNS is just the latest of many new security tools we’ve added to Tenta’s growing arsenal of defense weapons – but there’s even more to come. Stay tuned for our latest updates and newest releases! Haven’t yet downloaded the most recent version of Tenta? Head over to the Google Play store and try it now.

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