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How do I use my PIN?

Before you can use Tenta Browser, you must set a private PIN code to unlock the app. Your PIN code must be at least 4 digits long, although we recommend at least 6 digits for more security. There is no way for us or anyone else to access your account without knowing your PIN code. This means if you lose or forget your PIN, Tenta Browser cannot reset it for you. You can always change your PIN after you unlock Tenta by going to Global Settings. Alternatively, if you have a device with a fingerprint sensor enabled, you can use your print to unlock Tenta as well as your PIN code.

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How do I change my settings?

You can customize Tenta Browser for the perfect browsing experience. Access Tenta's overall settings by going to Global Settings from the homescreen. Here you can set your PIN code timeout, change your PIN, reset Tenta, and more. You can also tailor each Zone to your specifications. To access your Zone settings, select the Zone you wish to customize, then tap the Settings icon. You can rename your Zone, change its VPN location, set a default search engine, and more.

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How do I connect to a different server?

Tenta Browser allows you to access multiple international server locations through our Zones feature. To change the server location of a Zone, open that Zone's settings. You will be able to choose from a list of international server locations. We use the OpenVPN protocol and our own DNS plus other third-party DNS, such as Google, OpenNIC, and Level 3. Tenta Browser Beta defaults your first Zone to your local connection. To start browsing privately, open that Zone's settings and choose a VPN location.

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How does Tenta make money?

Most browsers are ad-based and their business model is your data. They may add new privacy tools, but they have an identity crisis and can never go all in on protecting your data. We are not ad-based at all, so we can provide uncompromising support to protecting your data instead and that will be our business model. To pay our bills, we are considering offering premium support for people who want to expand our VPN service to all other apps on their device. We will look into partnerships to sell other privacy tools and browser extensions. There are a variety of viable options that we're excited about and selling your data will never be one of them.

Is Tenta Browser available outside of Google Play?

Currently, Tenta is only available for Android devices through Google Play while we're in beta. After beta, we'll allow direct downloads of the APK on our site, and on other Android markets. We're working on iOS and desktop support as well.

If you have an Android, and you'd like to help us test Tenta, please join our beta testing program.

Beta Changelog

What is Nuke?

Nuke is your digital abort button. No one can unlock your Tenta without your private PIN or fingerprint, but if you ever come across a site you just don't want saved, just tap the Nuke button and all trace of that domain is destroyed across all Zones.

Note: This feature is not yet available in beta.

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