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More info on Facebook data breach — and how to tell if you were affected

Facebook has released more information on who was affected by their latest data breach, as well as a tool for checking to see if your data was compromised.

Broadband industry sues state of Vermont over net neutrality law

The entire broadband industry is suing the state of Vermont over their new net neutrality law and executive order.

The Galactic Network

The foundation of the internet we know today is shaky. The new decentralized internet is on a strong technological foundation, promising to solve issues of trust and privacy.

Announcing Our Decentralized VPN Network and Trust Protocol For Secure Connections

Tenta is poised to set the gold standard of what it means to be a secure browser and encrypted network.

FCC proposes changes that could limit internet access in rural areas

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has proposed a change in the way ISPs buy access that could delay expansion of internet broadband to rural areas.

Google+ Exposes User Data, Shuts Down

Google’s social media platform Google+ has shut down after exposing the personal data of nearly half a million users.