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Get 2 Years Of Tenta Pro VPN Browser For Free - Extended Through July 20th

Tenta team members share their personal thoughts on the meaning of freedom, independence, and also their outlook on the future of the Internet.

How Much Is Your Data Actually Worth?

One journalist calculated how much it would cost US adults to have an ad-free internet.

Millions of Venmo Transactions Scraped Without User Knowledge

A computer science student scraped 7 million Venmo transactions over half a year to highlight privacy issues within the payment app.

FTC Investigation Into YouTube's Treatment of Children Revealed

A Washington Post investigation has found that the FTC is wrapping up an investigation into how YouTube treats children on their platform.

What’s DNS-over-TLS And How To Test It’s Working

In this post, we’ll take a gentle look at what DNS-over-TLS is, why it’s a must-have, and how you can test that it’s working.

The Best VPN Deal Ever - Two Years Free - No Strings Attached

Tenta's mission to make true private browsing ubiquitous accelerated with a huge promotion!

Beacon Scanners Are Helping Stores Track What You Do

Beacon scanners interact with apps in your phone to inform stores exactly what you’re doing in the physical world.

Full extent of Facebook’s secret data collecting revealed

TechCrunch has obtained letters from Facebook to the US Senate revealing more details about their abuse of the enterprise developer’s program.

5 misconceptions about passwords

If you want maximum security, make sure you’re not falling for these five common misconceptions about passwords.

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