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The city of Portland is tracking resident movements

The city of Portland has teamed up with Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs to track residents as they move around the metropolitan area.

The New York Times is selling your emotions

The New York Times is selling data about emotions people feel when they’re reading different articles to advertisers.

6 Easy Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe

Whether it's from physical or digital theft, your phone is at risk. Here's how to protect it.

Baltimore is weeks into a ransomware attack

The city of Baltimore was brought to its knees by a cyber attack on May 7.

Facebook co-founder calls for its dissolution

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is calling for a breakup of the Facebook “monopoly.”

Investigation finds that Facebook is collecting and storing personal data

A Wall Street Journal investigation has found that Facebook is collecting extremely information without user consent.

Android apps with millions of downloads found to be violating user privacy

A BuzzFeed investigation found that six Chinese-owned apps have been committing ad fraud, among other offenses.

State-sponsored domain hacking continues

A recent security report highlights serious domain hacking by an unnamed government group.

It’s not just your home assistant that’s listening to you

A Bloomberg report reveals how home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home use human listeners to train them.

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