What Is A Private Browser?

Tenta has created the very first truly private browser. But what does that mean? What is a private browser, anyway? It’s a good question, but before we get into that, it’s helpful to define what a private browser isn’t.

When most people talk about “private browsing,” they’re usually referring to the “private” or “incognito” function on one of the major browsers. But that name is misleading, as that “private” browsing isn’t really private. Sure, there’s some modicum of browsing. It’s not a total misnomer. When you use private browsing on one of the big browsers, it’s not recording your history as you browse. It’s also not tracking you for ad purposes.

That’s great if the person or people you’re trying to keep your info from are using your same device — so on a family computer, for example — and also if you’re sick of social media sites like Facebook tracking you for advertising purposes. But that’s really the only form of privacy “private” browsing gives you. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can and does still track what you’re doing. Any cyber criminals who have gained access to your device or network can, too. And, of course, there’s always government spies to think about.

But with Tenta’s private Android VPN browser, no one — not the other people in your home; not the government; not your ISP; not cyber criminals — can see what you’re doing online. It’s a truly private, secure browser unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Here’s how it works. Unlike other “private browsers,” Tenta's browser is secure and private by default. While other browsers rely on advertising revenue as an essential and core part of their revenue model, Tenta doesn’t have anything to do with advertisers. By cutting them out of the process from the beginning, Tenta has been able to give users full, real control over their own data.

Still skeptical? We don’t blame you. The ubiquity of user tracking by browsers, advertisers, and platforms is hard to escape these days. However, everything in Tenta's private browser — including bookmarks, tabs, and everything the user downloads — is encrypted by default. There are no toggle switches; nothing to turn on.

Users access their browser via a PIN, which isn’t stored on any server. So while no browser is unhackable, Tenta makes it more work than it’s worth to most cyber criminals. This private browser also includes a built-in VPN — encrypting all information that goes through the network automatically — an ad blocker, anti-tracker, DNS-over-TLS, and HTTPS Everywhere on by default.

Finally, Tenta is poised to expand after raising a seed round led by ConsenSys Ventures, a global blockchain-focused VC fund founded by managing partner Kavita Gupta and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. With this partnership, they’re ready to bring a truly private browsing experience to even more people around the world, putting control of data back where it should be: In the hands of those who produce it.

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