Turkey Bans Cloud Storage

This week Turkey banned access to virtually all online storage after emails belonging to a senior cabinet minister were leaked. Services affected include Google Drive, GitHub, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Google Drive has since complied with the requirements of a take-down notice served by Turkey and removed the emails from its cache. In response, Turkey lifted the ban on Google Drive. Other blocked services remain inaccessible.

The sensitive emails, belonging to three accounts owned by Turkey’s Minister of Energy, Berat Albayrak (also son-in-law of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan) were accessed by militant group RedHack through malware installed on his iPad. RedHack sought the release of individuals behind a left-wing opposition, and released the emails when their demands were not met on Monday, September 26th.

The ban comes at the beginning of Turkey’s school year, stripping students of their access to works completed and in progress. Only customers of smaller access providers in rural areas of Turkey are reportedly unaffected.

While sorely inconvenienced, Turkey’s citizens are not reacting with surprise, considering their nation’s past bans on sites like Twitter and YouTube. On reddit, Turks continue exchanging resources regarding workarounds for the country’s web users in need of cloud storage. Bans on popular websites, it seems, are becoming a regular part of life in Turkey.

Turkish users wishing to access banned sites must utilize a VPN (virtual private network) service to do so. The main difference between free and paid VPN services is the number of server locations (you’ll typically only have access to one through a free service). If you’re only interested in switching while the ban is in place, take advantage of some of the paid VPN services’ free trials, which typically last up to a month. (Turkey’s 2014 ban on YouTube only lasted two months.)

Android users seeking a VPN that offers storage in addition to added security features can download Tenta, a browser offering ISP masking and connections through overseas locations (such as Miami and Amsterdam). Tenta customers can even connect through multiple Zones at once, with the ease and simplicity of switching between tabs.

Users in Turkey can regain access to cloud storage using Tenta’s VPN service and overseas server locations, for the duration of the ban and beyond.

For those in search of a new (and more secure) storage option, Tenta offers a safe space for your images, videos, documents, APKS, music and more. You’ll never be at risk of losing access to your Tenta account, as not even we store your pin number.

Tenta is built for Android, so you won’t have to deal with a sloppy mobile display, or with multiple account holders potentially accessing your information on a shared computer. Tenta’s browser is only accessible through your phone and additionally, is protected by a pin, safeguarding whatever tabs you may have left open in addition to assets you choose to store in Tenta’s vault. If you feel your data or browsing habits are at risk of being discovered by people who may have access to your phone and pin, you can Nuke select data across all your saved zones.

With Tenta, your data will be safe from the government, as well as from anyone who can access your phone. You can download Tenta for free in Google Play.

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