6 Types Of Blocked And Filtered Sites You Can Access With A VPN

While it can be easy to think of the internet as something that is the same no matter where you access it, the truth is that access to certain sites is restricted, depending on where you are — and a VPN can make it possible for you to get arounds those blocks and filters.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. When you log into a VPN, your computer exchanges a series of trusted keys with a server, creating a secure connection. Once that connection is made, your computer is protected from hackers, government agencies, search engines, and anyone else trying to track your online activity.

Wherever you live — even the United States — you’ll find that parts of the internet are blocked. Whether it’s news sites that aren’t available in your location, workplace filters, or media companies that haven’t yet opened up into your location, chances are you’re going to stumble on blocked sites at some point or another.

Social Media

Some countries block certain social media, either permanently or when the government decides that they’re losing control. With a VPN rerouting your ISP to a country where access isn’t restricted, you can feed your Facebook addiction no matter where you are.

Video Streaming Sites

We’re very spoiled for options in the United States when it comes to online streaming of video content. A lot of those sites, however, are blocked in other countries, where the companies haven’t yet gotten the right to operate. But with a VPN rerouting your signal to the States, you can Netflix and chill from anywhere in the world.

News From Other Countries

Sometimes news sites are restricted or they provide content that’s different from their home country’s site, trying to tailor to their audience. With a VPN, you can read the news as it was originally written, as if you were reading it from that country.

Work Or School Filters

Many workplaces and schools filter the types of sites that you can access from their computers. A VPN can get you around these filters, giving you access to whatever verboten site you’re trying to peruse during work.

Mature Content

Some sites are for mature audiences only and you might want to block your kids, for example, from accessing them at home. Or perhaps you want to access a site with mature content over a Wi-Fi network that has them blocked. With a VPN, you can reroute your ISP and get around those filters, giving you access to those sites.

Company Sites

Some companies and organizations have strict privacy rules and they set up their own VPNs to ensure that any work related activity that happens outside the office is protected. So, for example, your company might choose to set up a VPN so that emails can be sent and received securely.

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