New Apple update fixes 51 bugs

Apple has long boasted that their platforms are the most secure and in the past couple of years, they’ve doubled down on making security and privacy a priority. And their latest update to iOS is no exception. Anyone who’s concerned with security and using an Apple device should make sure to download iOS 12.2, as it contains 51 security updates.

The updates include patches to popular apps like FaceTime, Safari, Siri, Messages, and Mail. They’ve also fixed security holes in parts of the operating system that users aren’t necessarily aware of, like WebKit and Kernel. These updates boost user security when using Safari, including one gap in ReplayKit which made it possible to access your device’s microphone without your knowledge.

Operating system updates don’t get as much attention as other announcements companies make. They’re certainly not as sexy as Apple’s new titanium credit card, for example, or their new streaming platform. But while those other announcements are exciting and fun, fixing holes in security is much more important for the average user. If you’re still convinced, here are four more reasons it’s important to always make sure your software is up to date.

1. Cyber crime is up.

As technology becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, so too does cyber crime. By one estimate, global cyber crime will cost $21 trillion per year by 2021. Cyber crime is constantly evolving, from email based malware phishing attacks to bitcoin mining without a device owner’s knowledge to major corporate hacks to even hacking the updating system itself. It’s a constant race between cyber security experts and cyber criminals, but one way to protect yourself is by making sure you’re plugging all of those potential holes where criminals can get in.

2. Are you sure you’re automatically updating?

While some systems will automatically update, others don’t — or we turn them off and then forget to turn them back on again. But because we expect our systems to do their thing automatically, we can get a little lazy. Now’s a good time to check and make sure that not only are all of your systems up to date, but also that they’re set to update automatically.

3. You could infect your friends and colleagues.

You shouldn’t go into work if you think you might be sick and you shouldn’t pass on emails or other files that you think might be infected. But if there’s a virus on your computer and you don’t know it, you could pass it on unknowingly. If you’re not motivated enough to keep your systems update to protect yourself, do it for your friends and colleagues!

4. You could be missing out.

Automatic updates don’t just push security fixes. They also push cool updates to your favorite apps and programs. And if you’re not updating your systems, you’re missing out on those updates!

So whether you have an Apple device or you’re on Android, make sure that everything is up to date. It’s still one of your first lines of defense against cyber crime.

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