Tenta is a next generation browser designed for privacy and security. Built-in true VPN, full data encryption, video downloader, secure medai vault, HTTPS Everywhere, Tenta DNS, and more.

Internet Freedom Declines for the 7th Year in a Row

The Freedom on the Net 2017 report from Freedom House has identified six major trends worldwide that contributed to a global decline in online freedom.

Tenta Releases Mitigation for Spectre & Meltdown - Explained

The first week of 2018 saw the disclosure of two significant computer security flaws, affecting the vast majority of computers in the world. The original discoverers of these flaws named the more prevalent version Spectre, 'As it is not easy to fix, it will haunt us for a long time.' For us, however, it puts us in mind of the shadowy organization from the James Bond movies, with secret back doors everywhere.

HTTPS Everywhere Now Available in Tenta Browser

The latest version of Tenta is here – and it's bringing with it even more protection than before with HTTPS Everywhere.