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New FCC Chair Blocks Internet Privacy Rules

The new Broadband Privacy Rules were supposed to go into effect on March 2 — but they didn't. Here's what the new FCC chair is doing.

W-2 Phishing Scam Is 'Most Dangerous' FBI Has Seen

It's tax season and there's a new phishing scam in town. Learn about the scam that the FBI has deemed one of the 'most dangerous' they've ever seen — and how you can protect your company from becoming a victim.

What's The Most Common Type of Cyberattack?

One type of cyberattack on organizations saw an increase of 16 percent last year, beating out every other type of attack by nearly double. Here’s what it is — and how you can protect yourself.

Digits or Digits? How to Secure Your Phone

Moscow District Court ruling blocks professional networking site due to server compliance discrepancies. The order cites a Russian bill passed back in 2014 that calls for personal data belonging to citizens to be stored on Russian servers.


US Intelligence Agencies Gain Access to NSA Data

One of Obama’s last Executive Orders leaves data susceptible to retention by US Intelligence Agencies.


Avoid Phishy Activity Online

New phishing techniques target Gmail users. Here's how to spot them before you become a victim.

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Help Us Take Private Browsing to the Next Level - Become a Beta Tester

Private browsing mode isn't as private as it should be. We think we can make it better but we need your help. Join Tenta's opt-in beta program on Google Play and help us test our latest privacy features, such as Device Wide VPN and Tenta Secure DNS.

email privacy act

Update to Communications Law from 1986 Reintroduced to the House

Under current law (which was passed in 1986), the government can access your cloud storage without a warrant. Scary — but a bill named the Email Privacy Act recently reintroduced in the House is trying to change that.

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Egypt Blocks Encrypted Messaging App, Signal

Following a trend of increased internet censorship in the Middle East, the Egyptian government blocked the secure messaging app Signal at the end of last year.

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