How to Use Zones

One of the great features that Tenta offers is Zones, which are available to advanced users. At the most basic level, Zones are collections of websites that are grouped by server location. Say certain sites are blocked at your current location. You could put all of those sites into Zone that would connect in the United States instead, giving you access to that sites.

As soon as you open Tenta, you’ll see that there’s a default Zone to start with. If you’re satisfied with that, great! But if you want to create more Zones, all you have to do is swipe right on the home screen and tap the “Create Zone” card. Once you’re in a Zone, you can open any of your tabs, change your setting, switch your VPN connection, and rename the Zone.

To help further explain how Zones can help Tenta users make the most their browsing experience, I’ve broken down some Zone features below.

VPN Location Zones

VPN locations are the primary way you can create Zones. Even if you live in a place with pretty open access to the internet, some websites are simply restricted to one country or region only. With Tenta Zones, you can access those sites no matter where in the world you are.

Say, for example, you’re really interested in Japanese culture and you speak Japanese, but your home browser keeps translating Japanese sites to English, no matter how many times you tell it not to. You could create a Zone based in Japan and access all of those sites with no worries about bad English translations.

Site Type Zones

Site type zones are similar to bookmarks in that they’re a great way to keep track of your favorite sites. But they’re much, much better than bookmarks because also give you access that you might not have access to through your local connection.

All of us have certain types of sites that we access a lot, based on our interests. So, for example, if you know that you visit a lot of fitness sites, you can create a Zone for your favorite fitness sites. For those, you might choose to use a local connection because they include locations of gyms and fitness classes in your area. However, you might also be really into European news and have found that it’s hard to get access to the sites that you need — or that they’re automatically translated to English — when you use a US connection. For that Zone, you can choose to connect from one of Tenta’s European options.

Specific Rules For Zones

You can also set specific rules for your Zones, making each one totally personalized. You have your own reasons for creating each Zone and the goal of the Zone rules is to make sure that Tenta can fulfill those reasons as closely as possible.

Zones For Sites You Don’t Want Tracked

One rule is whether or not you want that Zone to save your browsing history. Obviously there are some sites that you’d rather keep completely private, even within Tenta, and our Zone rules help you do that.

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