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There's a dangerous belief that only suspicious people want privacy. Forces left and right exploit our security and privacy based on this belief - from cyber criminals, to governments, to snooping spouses. Exercising your right to be private doesn't mean you have something to hide - it means you want to share your personal information on your own terms. There are plenty of tools to help us do that, with private browsing mode (or incognito mode) being the most popular. But it's also the most misunderstood and misused.

Let’s face it – incognito mode sucks

There are major limitations to private browsing mode in all of the big browsers, as well as some misunderstanding as to what private browsing mode or incognito mode actually means. Many people think that incognito mode is a digital invisibility cloak. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Incognito mode protects you against people with physical access to your device from seeing what sites you visit, but cyber criminals, your ISP, governments, and even your boss can still follow your digital tracks. So if you think you’re being clever by using incognito mode to search job listings on your lunch break at work, think again.

On top of that, private browsing mode can’t hide you from trackers and spammers. For example, social networks will track your activity if you’re logged into your account, regardless of whether or not you’re browsing privately. Soon, you’ll start seeing ads related to your private searches pop up in your Facebook feed. A general rule of thumb is: if you’re logged in, you’re being tracked.

And if that weren’t enough, private browsing mode forces you to choose between revealing your information or losing all the features that make browsing useful and convenient. Bookmarking, keeping tabs open for later, logging into sites you trust, downloading media - you give it all up and start over for a barely incognito experience.

Taking private browsing to the next level

The problem is most browsers make their money off your data, so they're reluctant to let it go. Users are left with browsers that strip them of their privacy first, then provide inconvenient tools to get a fraction of it back.

Tenta is a browser that’s private by default. Since we take a zero-knowledge approach to your data, we’re free to explore and build a fundamentally different type of browser, with features like:

  • Built-in true VPN Tenta Browser offers true VPN (not proxies), using the OpenVPN protocol. Learn more about OpenVPN.
  • Complete data encryption We’ve built tools like custom secure DNS, device-wide VPN, and are working on encrypted media storage, and setting up custom server locations - very useful for remote employees and enterprises!
  • Offline protection Access to your Tenta is restricted by a unique PIN code only you know. That means no one, not even Tenta, can view your browsing history, bookmarks, and notifications unless you give them your PIN code.

Even if you’re not too concerned about privacy, you can still get a lot out of Tenta Browser. Tenta’s Zones feature is a great way to group your favorite sites by VPN location or custom rules. If you’re a student, a remote employee, or travel internationally, you can use Tenta’s built-in true VPN to access sites that might be otherwise restricted.

Wanna give us a hand?

By signing up for our opt-in beta program on Google Play, you can help us test out new features so we can release them to the public faster. Opt-in beta testers get access to our premium paid features for free weeks before we release them to the public, like Device Wide VPN and Per App VPN protection. If you want to help us test our latest goods, sign up today and send us your feedback. We’re listening!

tl;dr - Private browsing is a pain. Help us make it better by becoming a Tenta Browser opt-in beta tester.

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