Tenta's Android Browser Offers Built-in Ad Blocker

We're excited to announce that Tenta Adblock is the latest built-in privacy extension integrated by default in Tenta Browser. Tenta Adblock is an open source, general-purpose blocker that blocks ads, trackers and malware sites, and is optimized for mobile devices. You’ll find it on by default in Tenta version and up. It was one of our most requested features and gives you even more control over your private browsing experience. Install Tenta today and let us know what you think.

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The first version of this extension implements a variety of rulesets by default that includes EasyList, Easy Privacy, Peter Lowe’s Adservers, several malware site lists. See the complete filter list here. You can also turn this feature on or off by tapping the extension button in the search bar and toggling the switch that appears on the browser extension popup:

screenshot of Tenta Ad Blocker Extension

One component not yet included are user tools to turn adblocking on or off by domain name. It's our goal to provide a variety of content-filtering tools that provide more granular control over which content should be blocked or not. To provide the best user experience, these tools need to be redesigned for mobile touch screens. It will take a bit longer, but in a mobile world, it really does matter.

We’ll be adding more features over time and welcome your comments and feedback. For developers who are interested in contributing, this Golang project is open sourced on github.

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