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Crypto and blockchain are all over the tech-o-sphere. It's hard to go a week without seeing a headline declaiming, decrying, or dimissing the pending decentralized future. Often when we hear about cryto, we think of cryptocurrency - or Bitcoin to be specific. But there's another cryptocurrency you might not be as familiar with. It's called Namecoin and it's much more than currency - it serves as the backbone behind decentralized DNS, which in turn supports censorship-resistant domains.

Online destinations ending in .bit are top level domains not indexable by major DNS servers, existing outside the scope of central web authorities’ control. Dot bit domains are instead served by Namecoin, an open source decentralized DNS.

Why browse .bit?

Web connections made through top level domains recognized by the standard closed DNS service (and controlled by central web authorities) collect your information, including zone and IP address. Namecoin affiliated domains allow you to browse more privately; However, that privacy has its limitations in terms accessibility, particularly if you’re relying on a plugin or extension to handle your redirects.

If you’re a domain owner, your dot bit website can exist without being directly linked to you or any other person or company for that matter. Central web authorities such as ICANN require top level domains within their sphere of control to be registered so web owners can be held accountable for their pieces of online real estate. Due to the lack of accountability in the peer-to-peer framework of Namecoin, top level domains existing within it need not register.

Non DNS indexable top level domains (such as .bit) and the systems that handle them offer an alternative to the web as we known it. These sites and the open source DNS Namecoin prioritize free speech and avoid censorship by functioning on a peer-to-peer system instead of being regulated, controlled, and maintained by a central authority company such as ICANN or its international equivalents.

How to access .bit domains

A number of proxy extensions exist to help you browse .bit domains from standard web browsers. While such extensions offer relatively easy .bit domain access, it is important to browse safely and bear in mind that your online activity is still not completely anonymous. Because these extensions utilize proxy redirects to navigate .bit domains, the service owners in these cases have access to the IP address where you’re redirecting from--and furthermore, can theoretically redirect any of your sensitive data to any IP address they choose. For this reason, these extensions are best used for casual browsing to ensure sensitive information such as banking details are not compromised.

Support censorship-resistant domains in Tenta Browser - No Plugins Reqired! 🙌

With Tenta, you can access .bit domains without having to download any additional extensions or plugins--and from your phone. Just type the .bit web address in an open tab to view .bit domains from any Android device running Tenta. No additional steps necessary! Since Tenta DNS supports OpenNIC roots, you can also load other decentralized domains such as .bbs, .chan, .dyn, .fur, .geek, .gopher, .indy, .libre, .neo, .null, .o, .oss, .oz, .parody and .pirate. Coupled with our built-in VPN and DNS over TLS, your connection to the decentralized web 3.0 remained encrypted and private.

1. Smart Incognito

To get started, open Tenta and navigate to your Zone settings.

2. Choose DNS

Scroll down to the Smart Incognito section, and select Tenta DNS from your DNS options.

3. Browse!

Open a new tab, and start browsing the decentralized web.

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