Tenta Adds More VPN Locations For Faster Private Browsing Around The Globe

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve added more VPN locations in Tenta! You can now use Tenta Browser’s built-in VPN to privately connect to three new cities around the world: Delhi in India, London in the UK, and São Paulo in Brazil.

The new locations are available now in our list of VPN servers. Simply select your favorite city in our dropdown list of locations in Tenta Browser. We’ll immediately start an encrypted tunnel to that location, protecting you against eavesdroppers while unblocking the internet.

We offer all of Tenta Browser’s twelve VPN locations free for unlimited private browsing. Want to hide your location, thwart third party monitoring, and unblock the internet on all of your apps? Upgrade to Tenta Pro and enjoy a free 7 day trial!

With a Tenta Pro subscription, you can expand our VPN protection to your entire device and all apps on it. That means all data on your device is protected even if you don't have Tenta Browser open. Alternatively, you can protect specific apps with Per App VPN. Just tell us which apps you want to protect when Tenta's Device Wide is turned on, and we'll do the rest.

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