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Privacy Tips for Parents

Safety starts at home. Here are our tips on what parents can do to keep their kids safe online and maintain their privacy.

Are The Sites You're Visiting Secure?

Many sites are still running on HTTP instead of HTTPS. Here's what that means - and why it's important for your online security.

The Difference Between Search Engines And Browsers

Search engines and browsers work together to give you access to the entire internet.

Senate Asks FTC To Investigate Smart TV Privacy Concerns

Two Senators have formally requested that the Federal Trade Commission look into privacy concerns regarding smart TVs.

Google and Apple Questioned By The House About Privacy Issues

The US House has sent letters to the CEOs of Google and Apple regarding tracking on their devices and other user privacy issues.

Uganda Imposes Social Media Tax, Talks of Banning VPNs

In a move that is both exploitative and restrictive, the Ugandan government has imposed a social media tax and is threatening to ban VPNs.

Court Rules Against Warrantless Collection of Cellphone Location Data

In a groundbreaking case, the US Supreme Court declared that cellphone location data is protected under the Fourth Amendment.

Tenta DNS Improves Performance, Adds DNS over HTTPS

Announcing v2 of Tenta DNS. This latest update includes improved performance, DNS over HTTPS support, and an API to track authoritative DNS resolvers that support DNS over TLS.

How To Find And Delete The Locations Your iPhone Is Tracking

Your iPhone is tracking and cataloging all of the places you visit most frequently. Here's how to find and get rid of that data.

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